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Historic information:

Historic inflation calculator  Work out the real value of those old items or wages in today's money.

Coventry Council planning applications  Find the most recent applications for changes to our city.

The National Archives  Records from The National Archives and over 2,500 archives across the UK.

Image collections:

Coventry Digital  Coventry's primary image source, including the original archive collection.

Coventry Atlas  Mapping Coventry over time - people, places and events.

Britain From Above  Archive of over a million aerial photos, including many of Coventry.

Historic England  Many of Coventry's most important historic places are listed.

Mirrorpix  Huge database of high quality archived photographs.


British Library Online Gallery  Extremely highly detailed fire insurance plans of Coventry from 1897.

National Library of Scotland Maps  Allows overlays or side-by-side views of old & modern maps.

View the full list of Historic Coventry Links.

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